Nearest historical spot from Greensward is The great Buddha, Kotoku-in.  Then, walking a little bit further, you would find one entrance of the Kamakura Hiking trail.  It forks to the different directions.  Therefore, visitors had better get a map beforehand and check your location when you get out of the mountains just in case you have taken the unexpected exit.


Amanawa Shinmei Guu (Amanawa Jinja) 甘縄神明宮

Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine near JR Kamakukra is well known.  However, Amanawa shrine is the oldest shrine in Kamakura and many locals visit there on the new year's day.  Usually Amanawa shrine is not so crowded with the visitors, a quiet and traditional place.



When waves or wind rises high, Kamakura beach becomes a nice ground for surfing and wind-surf.  I like it, but I also like the beach when it is calm.



Temples and Shrines, Beach and Park, Mountain, Shopping and Gourmet are all in Kamakura within the walking range.  It is a nice place to visit.

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Kamakura map

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