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Some minor change shall be applied seasonally.  However our dishes are always like these.


Menu as of Jul., 2016

Tax is not included

Lunch plate


Chicken Curry


Curry made from 15 different spices. Butter is added for the rich flavor.

*Black steamed rice Or Standard white one.

*Served with Pickles, Salad, Soup and Drink.

*Topped with fried chicken

plus \350


TACO rice


TACO, Mexican food, served on steamed rice with Chili meat and Salsa.

*Served with Pickles, Salad, Soup and Drink


Kakuni (Boiled Pork)


Very juicy Pork, boiled long and carefully in the sweet soy beans sauce.

*Served with Pickles, Salad, Soup and Drink

Fresh Salad


10 vegetables with home made dressing.

*Served with bread

Others: Fried chicken with Mayo, Ground meat cutlet, Garlic grilled-shrimp

\950 - \1,100

- option -

* add soft drink \150 plus

* add Chocolate sponge cake \300 plus

* add lunch beer and wine \350 plus

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